Kirstine Callø

Associate professor, Ph.D.  

Research Profile:

The main focus of the research in the Cellular Electrophysiology Laboratory is on electrophysiology and ion channels. In particular, we are interested in how mutations or pharmacological manipulations of ion channels affect the cardiac action potential and how the contraction of the heart is coordinated. We have extensive experience with heterologously expressed ion channels (mammalian cell lines and Xenopus laevis oocytes) as well as with recordings of native ionic currents in isolated cardiomyocytes. Further, we have established methods to record action potentials from multicellular preparations of equine hearts (the wedge model) as well as from various types of stem cells. 


53) Wang K, Preisler SS, Zhang L, Cui Y, Missel JW, Grønberg C, Gotfryd K, Lindahl E, Andersson M, Calloe K, Egea PF, Klaerke DA, Pusch M, Pedersen PA, Zhou ZH, Gourdon P. Structure of the human ClC-1 chloride channel. Accepted in PLOS Biology
IF: 9.163 

52) Pedersen SH, la Cour SH, Calloe K, Hauser F, Olesen J, Klaerke DA, Jansen-Olesen I. PACAP-38 and PACAP(6-38) degranulate rat meningeal mast cells via the orphan MrgB3-receptor. Accepted in Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience
IF: 4.555 

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IF: 3.315 

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IF: 4.829 

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IF: 1.616 

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IF: 5.93 

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IF: 1.61 

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IF: 1.202

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IF: 1.28 

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IF: 6.189 

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IF: 3.562 

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IF: 4.411 

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IF: 7.023 

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IF: 4.066 

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IF: 5.091  

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IF: 1.61 

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IF: 2.60 

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IF: 4.411 

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IF: 1.44 

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IF: 4.99 

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IF: 3.324 

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IF: 5.228 

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IF: 2.94 

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IF: 4.258 

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IF: 3.097 

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IF: 4.418 

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IF: 5.037 

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IF: 4.411 

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IF: 3.708 

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IF: 5.465 

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IF: 3.92 

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IF: 5.947 

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IF: 4.031 

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IF: 4.874 

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IF: 1.91

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IF: 3.097 

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IF: 3.112

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IF: 5.259 

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IF: 6.728 

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IF: 4.874 

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IF: 0.5 

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IF: 3.760 

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IF: 4.874 

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IF: 5.465 

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IF: 2.371 

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IF: 5.34 

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IF: 2.371 

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IF: 3.097 

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IF: 3.95

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IF: 4.391 

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