• The Danish Royal Horses are participating in cardiac research
    Paroxysmal atrial fibrillation (PAF) can be difficult to diagnose due to its sporadic origin and therefore the prevalence in healthy warmblood horses is still uncertain. Undiagnosed PAF could result in poor performance and chronic changes of the myocardium that can be a substrate for atrial fibrillation. Read more about the research
  • January 2021: Sofie Troest Kjeldsen started as a PhD student with Charlotte Hopster-Iversen as the primary supervisor.
  • December 2020: The Copenhagen Method – ”A novel approach for obtaining 12-lead ECGs in horses” was published in Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine. (Link til det nye projekt (se neden for). Foto: 1235)
  • November 2020: Project about use of implantable loop recorders was published in Equine Veterinary Journal with the title “Implantable Loop Recorders can detect paroxysmal atrial fibrillation in Standardbred racehorses with intermittent poor performance” (Link til det nye projekt se nedenfor. Foto 5283)
  • August 2020: The Equine Cardiac Group Seminar 2020 (foto: hjertegruppe_seminar_2020). Tekst: Members and collaborators met to discuss the past year and future projects.

ECEIM 2019: Four members of the Equine Cardiac Group (Sanni Hansen, Helena Carstensen, Charlotte Hopster-Iversen and Eva Hesselkilde) participated at the European College of Equine Internal Medicine congress in Valencia, where they presented the latest data on implantable loop recorders and 3D endocardial mapping.

November 2019: Hesselkilde and Carstensen et al. Published: "Longitudinal study of electrical, functional and structural remodelling in an equine model of atrial fibrillation". Open access, available here:

August 2019: Visit from Australia resulted in 3D endocardial electroanatomic mapping of left and right atria in 13 standing horses. We thank Dr. Sander and Dr. Linz for an incredible week.

May 2019: PhD Arnela Saljic, Postdoc Helena Carsten and Postdoc Eva Hesselkilde travels to Maastricht to analyse AF propagations patterns in horses

March 2019: Visit from professor Prash Sanders and his group from Australia – first 3D endocardial mapping in standing horses

February 2019: First paroxymal AF episode detected in a horses with poor performance by a loop recorder

October 2018: Eva Zander Hesselkilde defended her PhD entitled: An Equine Model of Atrial Fibrillation, Underlying Mechanisms, Cardiac Remodelling and Electrocardiographic Studies

September 2018: Sarah Nissen started as a PhD student in the Equine Cardiac Group

September 2018: Transvenous electrical cardioversion of atrial fibrillation has now been introduced in horses at the University hospital. This has so far been conducted in 24 Horses

March 2018: Helena Carstensen defended her PhD entitled: Pharmacological treatment of Atrial Fibrillation in horses