Thomas Jespersen

Associate Professor, Ph.D, D.Med.Sci.

Research Profile:

In my research group – The Laboratory of Membrane Protein Physiology (MemPro) - we aim at elucidating the physiological function of membrane embedded and associated proteins, through molecular, biochemical, pharmacological, and electrophysiological investigations.

The focus is on revealing novel functional roles of ion channels and receptors localized in cardiac and epithelial tissue as well as in CNS. Our goal is to incorporate in vitro findings into a whole organ context by the use of ex vivo and in vivo animal models.

Within the field of cardiac electrophysiology we primarily focus of the electrical properties of the atria and how changes in these properties can cause atrial fibrillation. Within the laboratory we perform 1) quantitative PCR, Western blot and confocal microscopy of cardiac tissue, 2) patch-clamping on acutely isolated cardiomyocytes and on culture cells transfected with mutated ion channels characterized in human diseases, 3) action potential recordings of tissue strips from rat and human atria, and 4) Langendorff investigations of isolated beating hearts. In addition to these in vitro and ex vivo methods we have a close collaboration with Prof. Rikke Buhl and Acesion Pharma where in vivo investigations are performed on horse and swine hearts.



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