Philip J. Pedersen

PhD, DVM. Defended PhD April 2013

Research Profile:

In February 2010 I entered a PhD program at University of Copenhagen in the research area of veterinary physiology. The project is focused on large animal heart function and disease. The horse will be the experimental animals. The aims of the project are to sequence and clone the repolarizing potassium channels in the equine heart and characterize their electrophysiological properties (activation and in-activation kinetics) by heterologous expression in Xenopus oocytes.

Furthermore we aim to find proof of the hypothesis that long QT-syndrome is present in the population of equine performance horses and causing sudden cardiac death. This has led us to perform thorough research on the equine ECG in an attempt to characterise repolarization markers.

I completed my DVM at University of Copenhagen in January 2010 with focus on equine medicine. My master’s thesis was in the research area of equine basic cardiology with the title: "A genetic and electrophysiologic method description for the characterization of the K+ channels KCNQ1 and KCNH2 - key players in equine cardiac repolarization".

In September 2007 I completed my bachelor at University of Copenhagen. My bachelor thesis was in the research area concerning clinical diagnosis of equine cardiac disease. The title was “The usage of ECG in horses for the diagnosis of arrhythmias – including a field test of Krutech Televet® 100 wireless ECG on dressage horses”.



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